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This wiki is about the beloved Poppy and Dimwood forest friends book by Avi. They are all best sellers and you should read them and edit. Thanks!

The Author: AviEdit

� Avi is the author of children books Teen books and even grown up books. And all of them are GREAT!!! He is one of the most authors who have wrote the most books in the world. And his Poppy books are a great edition to see how good his books are.�


Resource Links: About Avi

Here is a short interview with the author. Explore the links on this site to learn more about his books.

Poppy by Avi Here is a book summary and review that has been illustrated by students.

Poppy Stories This is an eight-page PDF file including discussion questions and extension activities that can be used in conjunction with reading books in the Poppy series.

An Environmental Lesson From "Poppy" By Avi Students can learn about the concept of an ecosystem while reading the novel "Poppy" in this lesson. This is a Microsoft Word document.

Scholastic: Avi This page has questions and activity ideas for discussing Avi's books "Poppy" and "Crispin."

Deer Mice Here are facts about deer mice, including characteristics, breeding, and diet.

Mouse Clipart These pictures of mice can be used to illustrate classroom projects.

Owl Clipart These pictures of owls can be used to illustrate classroom projects.

Poppy Vocabulary Here is a list of vocabulary words from the novel.

eThemes Resource: Literature: "True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle" by Avi These sites are about the book "True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle" and author Avi. Includes many discussion questions, hands-on activity ideas, and some online quizzes and games. There is a link to an eThemes Resource on historical fiction.

eThemes Resource: Animals: Mice Learn about different species of mice, their physical characteristics, and their habitat. Includes some images and ideas for crafts and classroom activities.

eThemes Resource: Animals: Owl Pellets Discover how investigating owl pellets can reveal information about owls, their habitats, eating habits, and their place in the food chain. Learn how to dissect pellets, record findings, and analyze them. Includes online dissection practice, games, puzzles, video and audio files, lesson plans, and other activities. There are links to eThemes resources on barn owls and raptors.

eThemes Resource: Animals: Porcupines These sites are about porcupines, their habitats, diet, and behaviors. Learn how many kinds of porcupines there are and where they are found. You will find an audio file, video, quiz, fast facts, and many pictures. �

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